Month: September 2016


Who is Doing Big Data: A SAGE Survey

A new survey shoots down the idea that early-career researchers aresomehow more likely to be digital natives and therefore more apt to conduct computational social science than those whose PhDs were issued more than a decade ago.

7 years ago

How Much Do Campaigns (and Debates) Really Matter?

The American presidential campaign season, official and unofficial, seems essentially endless. But as the US enters the homestretch for 2016, Howard Silver wonders how much all this sound and fury really matters to voters

7 years ago
Chan Zuckerberg Initiative

Why Chan and Zuckerberg Cannot Cure All Diseases

We often use the metaphor of a war to describe the human struggle against disease. This is a very unhelpful way of thinking, because it generates the sort of hubris exemplified by the Chan Zuckerberg program.

7 years ago

Making the Best of Brexit’s Impact on Science and Research

Addressing the consequences of the “prolonged period of uncertainty” in the three months since the Brexit vote, the Academy of Social Sciences and Campaign for Social Science recommend immediate steps the government should take to support UK science and ensure the “long-term health of research is kept to the fore” during the negotiation process.

7 years ago

A Cautionary Tale in the Quest for Novelty

Novel breakthroughs in research can have a dramatic impact on scientific discovery but face some distinct disadvantages in getting wider recognition and are often cited as a plus in getting published. But new findings suggest an inherent bias in bibliometric measures against novel research.

7 years ago

The Transformation of UK Higher Education Since 1968

Since the heyday of the student movement in the late 1960s policy decisions in the United Kingdom have mostly pushed universities into neoliberal boxes that ill-fit the needs of students and the society at large, argues Hugo Radice.

7 years ago

Recognition for Peer Review: Who’s Doing What?

To help celebrate Peer Review Week 2016, the steering committee for the commemoration asked the 20+ organisations on the group to tell us how they #recognizereview and what more they hope to do in future. Their responses show a clear understanding of the importance of peer review and a firm commitment to supporting more recognition for review in future.

7 years ago