(Macro)Marketing for Sustainability and Society with Mark Peterson: Watch the Teaching Business for People and Planet Webinar

“There is also a dimension of intergenerational justice, making these decisions [sustainable business practices], so that our generation is not ripping off the future generations and their ability to live lives of high quality.” — Mark Peterson

In the latest episode of Teaching Business for People and Planet, SAGE Publishing’s webinar series on teaching the next generation of students while instilling a greater sense of purpose and care, author and marketing professor Mark Peterson is interviewed about (macro)marketing and sustainability.

The hour-long webinar embedded above:

  • Defines “sustainable marketing.”
  • Explores sustainability practices that benefit companies, consumers and stakeholders holistically.
  • Dissects the role faculty can play to encourage their students’ interest when teaching sustainable marketing.
  • Considers factors that might influence sustainable business practices in the future.
  • Discusses why the sustainable approach can give businesses a competitive advantage in marketing.
  • How to convince others about the legitimacy of sustainable business practices.
Sustainable Marketing: A Holistic Approach, 2nd Ed.

Peterson, a professor of sustainable business management at the University of Wyoming, also discusses the second edition of his textbook, Sustainable Marketing: A Holistic Approach, which features sustainability in marketing from a ‘macro’ and issues-based perspective through new pedagogic features. These features include “Mavericks who made it” cases and end-of-chapter questions, designed to suit a 12-week teaching term.

The previous webinar in the People and Planet series featured Debbie Haski-Leventhal on “Corporate Social Responsibility.” Click here to watch that, or click the banner below for more information on the webinar series itself.

SAGE Publishing is the parent of Social Science Space.

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