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Hands-free Technology is Not Enough to Prevent Distracted Driving

Putting down your phone is merely the first step in banishing distractions while you drive, according to research in the journal ‘Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences.’ In fact, asking Siri to do something at a remove is pretty darned dangerous, too.

6 years ago

Tackling Gender Stereotypes With the Power of Words

Gendered language shapes how we think about the appropriate roles for men and women, especially when we are children and just beginning to form our understanding of the world. That might not sound like a problem, but it can reinforce stereotypes we are trying to tear down.

6 years ago
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Improving STEM and Attracting Students through Cognitive Science

There’s a lot of handwringing over the STEM gap in US education, and new paper in the ‘Policy Insights from the Behavioral and Brain Sciences’ finds that how STEM is taught underlies some of the challenges. But cognitive science may offer some help

6 years ago
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How to Create Lasting Change 

How interventions are designed matter as much as what they do. In that vein, Harvard researchers Erin Frey and Todd Rogers have identified four pathways through which behavior change interventions can achieve long-term impact.

6 years ago

Looking at Affirmative Action in a New Light

Stereotype threat occurs when an individual is afraid of confirming a negative stereotype about a group to which he or she belongs and, in a cruel irony, performs worse because of it. Research shows the phenomenon is real and can sabotage affirmative action.

6 years ago
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Perceived Gaps in Equity Affect Decisions More Than Absolute Gaps

The absolute difference between what someone else is getting compared to what you get matters less than how feel about any disparity, according to a review of ‘relative deprivation’ research in the journal ‘Policy Insights from the Brain and Behavioral Sciences.’

6 years ago

Restoring Self-Worth Encourages Healthy Behaviors

How can we convince people to heed warning labels and other public health campaigns? A paper in the journal ‘Policy Insights from the Brain and Behavioral Sciences’ suggests we focus on self-affirmation.

6 years ago
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Seeing Others as Fully Human

Although ‘dehumanizing the other’ may seem like something for, umm, others to do, the action is common from fantasy football to Homo economicus finds a paper in the journal ‘Policy Insights from the Brain and Behavioral Sciences.’

6 years ago