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Arthur Lupia

Look in the Mirror to Find Social Science’s Champion

Addressing the value of social science, Skip Lupia argues it’s absolutely fair for Congress to hold the disciplines’ feet to the fire, and absolutely necessary for researchers themselves to come to their own defense.

7 years ago

Why is the Study of Social Science So Critical to Our Future?

Engineer Jeff Patmore, former Head of Strategic University Research & Collaboration at British Telecom, explains why in the lead-up to the January 29 launch event for the “Impact of Social Sciences: How Academics and their Research Make a Difference,” published by SAGE.

7 years ago
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How Social Sciences are Converging with STEM

Much less is known about the development of the social sciences as a complete discipline group than about the science, technology, engineering and mathematics discipline group. Patrick Dunleavy, Simon Bastow  and Jane Tinkler set out some key findings from their new book, “The Impacts of the Social Sciences,” identifying five key trends that are causing the old social sciences versus physical science divide to dissolve.

7 years ago

Notes on a Scandal: The Jimmy Savile Case is All Too Familiar

For all its extraordinary impact, the Jimmy Savile scandal has not unfolded in an exceptional way. The media and justice systems’ treatment of the affair is only the latest example of a relatively new type of scandal: the institutional child sex abuse scandal.

7 years ago

In Memory of Mandela

In an effort to honor his legacy, the Index on Censorship team has collected significant articles from their archive that trace the history of the apartheid struggle with pieces by some of the great writers who have commented, argued and analyzed it for our magazine including Nadine Gordimer and Albie Sachs.

7 years ago