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In Post-Brexit Britain, is Migration a Crime?

With the increasing indications that Britain is growing colder to migrants in the wake of Brexit, Daniel Nehring asks what that means specifically for academics from the European Union in the UK.

6 years ago

Making the Best of Brexit’s Impact on Science and Research

Addressing the consequences of the “prolonged period of uncertainty” in the three months since the Brexit vote, the Academy of Social Sciences and Campaign for Social Science recommend immediate steps the government should take to support UK science and ensure the “long-term health of research is kept to the fore” during the negotiation process.

6 years ago

A Post-Mortem: Social Sciences and Brexit

The UK’s referendum on remaining in the European Union or leaving it generated an avalanche of campaign information, including hundreds of interventions by social scientists. David Walker casts a sceptical eye over the experience, asking whether the wafer-thin majority for Leave signals a failure of social scientists input.

6 years ago
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Britain and Europe: Tragedy or Farce?

The result of the second UK referendum on membership of the European Union appeared immediately as a tragedy, says Robert Dingwall. It has rapidly degenerated into a farce, which may yet have tragic consequences.

6 years ago
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The Sociology of Brexit

Public conversations about Britain’s EU membership could have involved wide-ranging discussions of British and European politics, economics and society, argues our Daniel Nehring. They did not. Instead, they were dominated by oversimplifications, stereotypes and lies.

6 years ago

After the Referendum – What Next for UK Social Science?

in the wake of the leavers winning the Brexit vote, the British Academy of Social Sciences predicts uncertainty for the social science community, ‘with implications for research funding, international collaboration, freedom of movement, and capacity building.’

6 years ago
Joe Friday

Voters Demand Facts But Do They Want Them?

Imagine a crystal ball that could provide us with graphs of levels of house prices, migration, the value of the pound, or the number of EU laws, from now into the far future, suggests Nick Chater about the results of the Brexit vote. He suspects this crystal ball would not help many voters come to any firm conclusions.

6 years ago
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Academics on Brexit: Phony War is Over

A collection of academic articles from three journals published by SAGE examine the questions whirling around the Brexit vote. As Angus Armstrong and Jonathan Portes say, ‘The phony war is over!’

6 years ago
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Academy Looks at Implications of EU Referendum

A briefing from the Academy of Social Sciences concludes that ‘given the available evidence, compared to other sciences in the UK and to social scientists in other EU member states, over the past two decades UK social scientists may have benefitted to a greater extent from the EU funding and capacity building opportunities provided by EU programmes.’

6 years ago

Migrants Ate My Guinea Pig

German-born Daniel Nehring insists that the upcoming Brexit vote is founded less on reason and more on xenophobia, and argues that the toxic atmosphere surrounding the vote is already doing harm to Britain’s fabled academic enterprise.

6 years ago