Campaign for Social Science


Health of People: Prevention and Behavior Change

‘There isn’t one of the major health care conditions which isn’t related to human behavior,’ says Susan Michie,the chair of the Health of People working group. Which leads to a very obvious policy and practice conclusion …

6 years ago

Social Science and Health Service Delivery

A pending report from the Campaign for Social Science, titled, “The Health of People,” will make the case about the importance of social and behavioral science to health policy and practice in Britain. A video from the report’s contributors teases some of the arguments that will be made.

6 years ago
Beth Simone Noveck

Enough of Experts? Data, Democracy and the Future of Expertise

Expertise in governing has been under attack, argues Beth Simone Noveck, but not just in recent demagogic attacks on “the elites.” For years, she explains in the annual SAGE/Campaign for Social Science lecture delivered November 22 in London, the expertise of the populace has been structurally excluded from the levers of power.

6 years ago

James Wilsdon on the 2015 Spending Review

The Campaign for Social Science welcomes the relative protection given to the science budget in the spending review, says its chair, James Wilsdon, but it’s premature to see this as a good outcome for the long term health of the UK’s research base.

7 years ago
CFHSS advocacy panel

Three Countries, Three Methods to Preserve Social Science

A recent panel drew social science advocates from three countries – Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States – to the same stage to discuss preserving the disciplines’ sometimes tenuous hold on support from policymakers

7 years ago
Business of People report cover

Campaign Does Have a Public View of Public’s Science

A critique of the recent pre-general election ‘Business of People’ report has lead the chair of the organization behind the report, Britain’s Campaign for Social Science, to respond to arguments that social scientists should not be asking for increases in government spending on science and research.

8 years ago