Campaign for Social Science

UK Social Science Readies its Case Before 2015 Elections

A major new effort to present social science’s best evidence-based case for value and impact to British policymakers has been unveiled. In an interview with Social Science Space, the project’s chair discusses how backers hope it influences the public conversation before next year’s general election.

8 years ago

UK backs Social Science, the World benefits

Studying ourselves is something the British do exceptionally well: specialists flock here from all over the world seeking answers to fundamental questions from our unique series of cohort birth studies, and no one else has anything quite like them.

8 years ago

The State of Social Science: only itself to blame?

Both society and government rely on social science a great deal, and those who criticise it for what they see as its failure to predict events have misunderstood the nature of the knowledge it can produce.

9 years ago