Computational Social Science

Webinar: Teaching Computational Social Science

Two European experts on data-driven research in the social sciences will headline a webinar later this month hosted by Social Science Space sister site Methodspace. The webinar, “Teaching Computational Social Science,” will offer practical tips to improve instructional practice or guidance with student researchers.

6 months ago

Social Scientists Working with LinkedIn Data

Today, researchers are using LinkedIn data in a variety of ways: to find and recruit participants for research and experiments to analyze how the features of this network affect people’s behavior and identity or how data is used for hiring and recruiting purposes.

4 years ago

Computational Social Science: A New Way of Working and Thinking

The ability to work with digital research methods and data analysis is opening up a whole new world of research potential for social scientists. No one knows this better than Digital Sociologist Dr. James Allen-Robertson from the University of Essex. For him, these new techniques have enabled multiple interdisciplinary research collaborations and a whole new world of funding and professional opportunities.

Here, James tells us how computational social science has given him and his research output a new lease of life.

4 years ago

Report: Who Is Doing Computational Social Science

SAGE Publishing surveyed social scientists around the world to learn more about who engages in research using ‘big data,’ and what challenges they face as well as the barriers facing those who are interested in conducting computational social science going forward.

7 years ago

Who is Doing Big Data: A SAGE Survey

A new survey shoots down the idea that early-career researchers aresomehow more likely to be digital natives and therefore more apt to conduct computational social science than those whose PhDs were issued more than a decade ago.

7 years ago

Watch Gary King: Do We Need a Big Data Treaty?

Political scientists Gary King has called on the policymakers and government officials in the audience to consider enacting a ‘treaty’ on the collection, retention, access and sharing of big data that could serve the needs of the academic world, the commercial world and government while protecting the interests of the public.

7 years ago
1953 computer

Computers Broke It. Computers Can Fix It

Computers have revolutionized academic research – and at the same time created a new crop of problems. But, suggests Ben Marwick, computers can also help address some of the challenges they have created.

8 years ago

The Importance of Studying the Obvious

Everyone has experience being human, and so findings in social science coincide with something that we have either experienced or can imagine experiencing. The result is that social science all too often seems like common sense.

11 years ago