Common Rule Revision – The Ethics Police Fight Back

Revisions to the U.S. government’s regulations on ethical treatment of human research subjects that would exempt some experiments from direct oversight by institutional review boards are facing pushback from paternalistic guardians, says our Robert Dingwall, who don’t seem to believe subjects are competent to make decisions on their own.

6 years ago
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Federal ‘Common Rule’ on Human Study Ethics Changing

Four years in the making, a proposed version of the federal ‘Common Rule’ for research on human subjects includes a full suite of social and behavioral science-influenced directives that past versions of the rule lacked.

7 years ago
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The APA Colluded on Torture. What Now?

The US tortured prisoners in the ‘War on Terror.’ That that a major health care association colluded in this, argues J. Wesley Boyd, is unconscionable.

7 years ago
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Taking a Stick to Ethics Boards

Writing about her experiences in Australia, Gigi Foster wonders if ethics boards are more interested in ticking the necessary boxes and not upholding the standards that supposedly underlie the boards’ existence.

7 years ago
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A Primer on Plagiarism and Other Publishing Sins

High-quality scientific literature is the cornerstone of scientific progress and is highly regarded by academia. However, Ritesh G. Menezes and his colleagues write in the Medico-Legal Journal, scientific literature is often marred by plagiarism, data fabrication and falsification, redundant publication and illegitimate authorship.

7 years ago
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Mission Possible: Be an Ethical Social Scientist

The author of a book on research ethics for social scientists suggests that issues such as antagonism with university review boards and new complexities introduced by Big Data can make integrity a sometime elusive quality.

8 years ago