Gerry Adams

Gerry Adams and Research Anonymity: How Far Do We Go?

After promising research subjects anonymity, a compelling reason — and the state’s compulsion — pushes us to renege on the promise. is that a mortal sin or a venal transgression? Mark Israel argues that sometimes it’s a necessary evil.

8 years ago

Tamiflu and the Ethics of the British Medical Journal

No one expected Tamiflu to be a wonder drug, but indications are that it’s moderately useful in fighting a serious public health threat. But that message was lost last week in an ill-starred rush to beat up on ‘wicked’ Big Pharma, argues Robert Dingwall.

8 years ago
Milgram's machine

The Less Shocking Reality of Milgram’s Experiments

In synthesizing the results of many of Stanley Milgram’s obedience trial experiments, modern-day researchers find the scary takeaways that have long accompanied the work don’t really hold up as strongly as once assumed..

8 years ago
Censored book

Reviewer: Journal Wilts Under Climate of Intimidation

As an echo of the latest just-released IPCC report on climate change, Elaine McKewon details how one journal blinked when climate change skeptics turned up the heat on an article exploring conspiracy ideation and the rejection of science.

8 years ago