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Equipped report

New Report Packages Themes from Evidence Week

“The question we must therefore ask is: are we all really working to the best available picture of what is going on in the world?” So asks a new report that summarizes the themes discussed in June’s first-ever Evidence Week.

4 years ago

Outlining the Many Beneficiaries of Evidence Week

The head of Sense about Science discusses the importance of public reasoning and accountability and why the first ever Evidence Week is a timely response to the changing demands of meeting those ideals, especially among politicians and policymakers. 

4 years ago

Building a Foundation on Solid Evidence

Ziyad Marar, the president of global publishing for SAGE, explains how SAGE’s values and its mission “to build bridges to knowledge” overlap with the intent of the United Kingdom’s Evidence Week, which takes place later this June.

4 years ago
Tracey Browne

Facing Ugly Truths: A Sense About Science Lecture

Sense About Science’s Tracey Browne last week delivered ‘The Ugly Truth’ – an examination of “the need to encourage accountability and support scrutiny over research” to an audience of academics, researchers, policymakers and learned societies.

7 years ago

Sense About Science On the Value of Peer Review

Peer Review Week begins today, a week to explore the role of peer review in addressing academic quality and rigor. Here, Sense About Science details why it feels it’s important to explain peer review to the wider world.

7 years ago