The Conversation

Brain Scans are Fascinating But Behavior Tells Us More

In a pair of views from our partner site The Conversation, two exponents of brain research discuss the utility of brain scan technology. Here Catherine Loveday suggests that observational methods are still more valuable.

8 years ago
Evolution cartoon

Is Evolutionary Psychology ‘Real’ Science? One Unhappy Take

Christopher Scanlon, an associate dean at La Trobe University, argues that evolutionary psychologists’ efforts to determine if people are ‘wired for happiness’ are faces some tall obstacles if they want their work to be considered scientific..

8 years ago
Full university forum hall

Will Technology Kill the University Lecture?

In the case of higher education the discussion of technology’s influence is often superficial, repetitious and disappointing, argues Tom Cochrane of Queensland University of Technology. It’s too often context free, and about being a university student and/or academic.

8 years ago

Universities Behaving Badly

Derek Bok has called on universities to be ‘ethical beacons’ shining out in their communities, but that shine is tarnished in oh-so-many ways in institutions of higher education around the world, notes Professor Sir David Watson.

8 years ago
Facebook logo in sand

How to Avoid That Fatal Social Media Faux Pas

University professors are not immune to epic fails when using social media. But the lesson learned isn’t to withdraw completely, argues Ereika Darics, but to know thine audience.

8 years ago