Month: March 2012

My Social Science Career: Interview with Linda Putnam

As part of a series of occasional interviews with leading social scientists, Linda Putnam, Chair of the Department of Communication, University of California, Santa Barbara, spoke to socialsciencespace about her career.

11 years ago

Are You Reaching Your Audience?

The University of South Florida’s 22nd Annual Social Marketing Conference: Ideas Beyond Borders, sponsored by USF Health, kicks off this […]

11 years ago

Social Science sites of the week

Nelson Mandela Digital Archive Project launched. Marvellous new resource created by Google in association with the Nelson Mandela Centre of […]

11 years ago

Is Conservatism Our Default Ideology?

New research provides evidence that, when under time pressure or otherwise cognitively impaired, people are more likely to express conservative views.

11 years ago

Who Are the Leaders We Need?

Brad Shuck and Ann Mogan Herd, both of the University of Louisville, published “Employee Engagement and Leadership: Exploring the Convergence […]

11 years ago

The Health Care Paradox

As the health care debate rages on, we bring you an article that provides a perspective on U.S. health care, […]

11 years ago

Weekly Overview of Social Science News

University of Pennsylvania announces new forum on Social Science and Policy, Cary Cooper and Stephen Anderson make the case for a chief social scientist in the Guardian, and more in this update on Social Science News.

11 years ago