Month: March 2012

Kickstart Your Social Marketing Strategy

Kickstart your social marketing strategy this summer with the Social Marketing Field School’s Introduction to Social Marketing course! Sponsored by […]

11 years ago

Social Science sites of the week

Budget week. The Guardian datablog issued a really good collection of 10 visualizations of data that you need to understand […]

11 years ago

The Pursuit of Power Corrupts

Deepak Malhotra and Francesca Gino, both of Harvard University, published “The Pursuit of Power Corrupts: How Investing in Outside Options Motivates […]

11 years ago

Ethics and the Corporation

After a week in which outgoing executive Greg Smith accused Goldman Sachs of losing its “moral fiber,” Apple’s factory conditions […]

11 years ago

We’re Upgrading!

SocialScienceSpace may be down for brief maintenance in the next 48 hours. We’re upgrading our website to bring you better […]

11 years ago

Working Moms: The Kids Are All Right

Working mothers tend to be happier and healthier than mothers who stay at home caring for young children, according to recent research. But many of those who work are often haunted by the question: “Am I screwing up my kids?”

11 years ago

Social science sites of the week

Future for Women on boards: Milestone or Millstone? Annual report from FTSE and Cranfield University. It examines the percentage of […]

11 years ago

Why Does Academic Research Matter?

Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University, and Charles R. Greer, Texas Christian University, published “The Value of Research and Its Evaluation in […]

11 years ago

Managing Expectations

Why do some people hide their light under a bushel while others promise more than they can deliver? In the latest edition of the Journal of Theoretical Politics, Dr René Lindstädt (University of Essex) and Dr Jeffrey Staton (Emory University, USA) have developed a theory to explain the phenomenon.

11 years ago