Month: July 2012

Are You Emotionally Intelligent?

Service with a smile, yes—but not if it means sacrificing your own feelings. Emotional intelligence (EI), loosely defined as the […]

11 years ago

The State of Social Science: only itself to blame?

Both society and government rely on social science a great deal, and those who criticise it for what they see as its failure to predict events have misunderstood the nature of the knowledge it can produce.

11 years ago

Speak the Language of the Universe

Even if you’re not mathematically inclined, it is difficult to not feel inspired by Galileo’s famous statement that “mathematics is […]

11 years ago

Objective truth, social ‘science’ and tennis balls

The entire purpose of social science is to apply disciplined, logical, and serious analysis to of all aspects of contemporary social life. Whether ‘scientific’ or not, this process of exploration is intrinsically valuable.

11 years ago