Month: December 2013

Towards a Business Game Taxonomy

A recently published article in Simulation & Gaming, titled, “An Exploratory Taxonomy of Business Games” by Marco Greco, University of Cassino and Southern Lazio, […]

9 years ago

Notes on a Scandal: The Jimmy Savile Case is All Too Familiar

For all its extraordinary impact, the Jimmy Savile scandal has not unfolded in an exceptional way. The media and justice systems’ treatment of the affair is only the latest example of a relatively new type of scandal: the institutional child sex abuse scandal.

9 years ago
Extroverted man

Four Careers for Extroverts

Remember that kid that you sat next to in class that wouldn’t be quiet?  The one that everyone thought wouldn’t […]

9 years ago
Pistol with bullets

Gun rights and violence

Recently the neighbourhood that I live in has come under attack. There have been a slew of violent crimes that […]

9 years ago