Month: December 2016

The Research on Communicating Science in a Post-Truth Era

A new report from the National Academies on current science communication finds it’s going to need strategic and serious investment in the ‘science’ of science communication and demand much greater engagement and collaboration between those who study science communication and those who actually do it.

7 years ago

AAPSS Names 2017 Fellows

A sociologist who has helped understand the complex issues of race in the United States, a political scientist who heads the Center for Advanced Study in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford, and a psychologist whose work explains how we as human respond to threat are among the new class of fellows for the American Academy of Political and Social Science.

7 years ago

UNC Chapel Hill Tops for Federal Social Science Funding

The Consortium of Social Science Associations has released its 2017 College and University Rankings for Federal Social and Behavioral Science R&D, which highlights the top university recipients of research dollars in the social and behavioral sciences.

7 years ago

Book Review: 100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods

Reviewer Sarah Lewthwaite finds that in ‘100 Activities for Teaching Research Methods,’ Catherine Dawson offers an important and welcome addition to the emerging literature on the practical aspects of teaching research methods.

7 years ago

Do We Really Want Historians as Policy Advisers?

The claim that Thucydides’ account of the past is useful is often extended to historiography in general, rather than just to his specific – and idiosyncratic – approach. And that, suggests Neville Morley, may be the real trap of Thucydides.

7 years ago
Cory Gardner

NSF Policy Bill, Without Budget Authorization, Looks Likely to Pass

UPDATED WITH HOUSE PASSAGE: A bill that was the latest version of the beloved America COMPETES — but which no longer authorizes funding for key federal science research agencies — looks likely to land on the president’s desk. The new version has lost a particularly toxic aspect of earlier versions.

7 years ago

Will November Prove to be the Cruelest Month for Science?

T.S. Eliot said “April is the cruelest month.” This November has been pretty harsh, too, says blogger Howard J. Silver, who wonders what the new U.S. president will mean for a number of issues, including research funding.

7 years ago

How Will Big Data Affect Evolution of Social Science?

How will social science research and teaching evolve to meet the challenges and opportunities big data creates? How can we bring down barriers to make this new computational social science accessible for all social researchers? That was the subject of a panel discussion at last month’s ESRC Festival of Social Sciences 2016.

7 years ago