Year: 2016

Report: Who Is Doing Computational Social Science

SAGE Publishing surveyed social scientists around the world to learn more about who engages in research using ‘big data,’ and what challenges they face as well as the barriers facing those who are interested in conducting computational social science going forward.

6 years ago
Practical guide altmetrics cover

Book Review: Altmetrics – A Practical Guide for Librarians, Researchers and Academics

Altmetrics: A Practical Guide for Librarians, Researchers and Academics, edited by Andy Tattersall, provides an overview of altmetrics and new methods of scholarly communication and how they can be applied successfully to provide evidence of scholarly contribution and improve how research is disseminated. The book, which draws on the expertise of leading figures in the field, strongly encourages library and information science (LIS) professionals to get involved with altmetrics to meet the evolving needs of the research community, finds Nathalie Cornée.

6 years ago

Revisiting Social Science Space Articles on the Election

Social scientists have been as focused on the American presidential election as intently as all Americans and big proportion on the world at large. And as that impulse rippled through academe, Social Science Space was there to examine some of the wavelets lapping at social science’s shore.

6 years ago
views of Donald Trump

Interpreting Trump Through the Politics of Fear

Last year Ruth Wodak’s book on right-wing populist discourse, ‘The Politics of Fear,’ was published. In this Year of the Trump, she looks at how the US presidential candidate might have required adding a few pages to her work.

6 years ago

In Defense of the Trigger Warning

A literature professor who has offered ‘trigger warnings’ to students argues that the warnings are designed to open up a discussion of difficult material – not suppress it.

6 years ago
Airport queue

In Post-Brexit Britain, is Migration a Crime?

With the increasing indications that Britain is growing colder to migrants in the wake of Brexit, Daniel Nehring asks what that means specifically for academics from the European Union in the UK.

6 years ago
tilden_or_blood_cartoon 1876

A Short History of Contested Presidential Elections

Noting that one candidate has been claiming the upcoming U.S. presidential vote is ‘rigged,’ our Washington-based blogger takes a look at the ways that past presidential elections have been less than clear-cut, and that ways in which the system bent to accommodate a peaceful transfer of power.

6 years ago