Month: May 2018

Transforming Research into an Illustrated Abstract

Publishing research that can be accessed as widely as possible is clearly crucial, but ensuring that research is accessible to similarly large groups of people is an altogether different challenge. Lucy Lambe explains how the LSE Library has worked with a comics creator and illustrator to create illustrated abstracts of articles that were funded to publish open access last year.

5 years ago

How to Design an Award-Winning Conference Poster

A good academic conference poster serves a dual purpose: it is both an effective networking tool and a way to communicate your research. But many academics fail to produce a truly visually arresting conference poster which make connections are lost. Tullio Rossi offers guidance on how to produce an outstanding conference poster.

5 years ago

Political Scientist of Puerto Ricans: Angel Falcón, 1953-2018

Political scientist and journalist Angelo Falcón, who brought a focus on Latino and specifically Puerto Rican political issues to the forefront of the academy through organizations like the Institute for Puerto Rican Policy and scholarly projects like the Latino National Political Survey, died on May 24.

5 years ago

10 Reasons to Study Statistics

Professor of sociology and criminal justice, Ronet D. Bachman uses statistics and research methods to investigate topics in the fields of criminology and criminal justice. The knowledge gained can be applied to everyday life to help us become better students, citizens, critical thinkers, job applicants and decision makers.

5 years ago
Old Havana

Learning About Cuba Through Cuban Eyes

In the wake of him earning the UAA-SAGE Marilyn Gittell Award for Activist Scholars, we present Henry Louis Taylor, Jr.’s discussion of how he got involved in chronicling Cuba and what his time in Havana taught him about his home of Buffalo and about other American cities.

5 years ago

Pair to Receive Economic Statistics’ Shiskin Award 

Barry Bosworth, the Robert V. Roosa Chair in International Economics at the Brookings Institution, and Danny Pfeffermann, director of Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics, will receive the 2018 Julius Shiskin Memorial Award for Economic Statistics.

5 years ago
Fake news on screen

Behavioral Science Can Be Used to Win War with Fake News

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg recently acknowledged his company’s responsibility in helping create the enormous amount of fake news that plagued the 2016 election – after earlier denials. Yet he offered no concrete details on what Facebook could do about it. Fortunately, there’s a way to fight fake news that already exists and has behavioral science on its side: the Pro-Truth Pledge project.

5 years ago

The Other Dead of 1918

Although it won’t see the memorials and centenary events that the World War I Armistice will, it’s worth thinking back to the ravages of the ‘Spanish flu’ of a century ago and the implications that that pandemic of the past has for infections of the future.

5 years ago

Microsite Offers Content on Mental Health Awareness

In the latest of its monthly series of interdisciplinary microsites addressing important public issues, SAGE Publishing today is offering free access to academic articles that support Mental Health Awareness Week. The week, sponsored by Britain’s Mental Health Foundation, this year is focused on stress (“Are we coping?”), which the collection covers along with the causes, diagnosis, experiences and treatment of mental illness, are the content areas represented in the collection.

5 years ago

The Value of Big Data Creation

How do firms transform big data and why do firms differ in their abilities to create value from big data? in a research article that tries to find answers to these questions. Jing Zeng and Keith Glaister find “it is not the data itself, or individual data scientists, that generate value creation opportunities. Rather, value creation occurs through the process of data management.”

5 years ago