David Canter

Professor David Canter, the internationally renowned applied social researcher and world-leading crime psychologist, is perhaps most widely known as one of the pioneers of "Offender Profiling" being the first to introduce its use to the UK.

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To Know a Society, Know Its Crime

“Crime is an integrated aspect of any culture.” David Canter reviews how crime influences a society’s actions and illustrates the broader social consequences that crime may have on the individuals in a particular culture.

4 years ago

Civic (Dis)Engagement

Failures to participate in expected commitments, such as not turning up for doctors’ appointments or not taking up benefits like free school meals or welfare payments, are aspects of what Robin G. Milne designates as ‘civic disengagement.’

5 years ago

The People and the State

The win for Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential election raises many questions about democracy and the ways in which […]

5 years ago
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Hidden Dangers

David Canter considers the fatal consequences of keeping medical problems secret

6 years ago

The Banality of Terrorism

David Canter, editor of the ‘The Faces of Terrorism,’ questions the psychology of terrorists in the wake of the rise of ISIS.

6 years ago
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The Self is Not Just I

David Canter examines the latest themed issue of the journal of the Academy of Social Sciences, which approaches how we determine what our ‘self’ is. These abstract arguments have important implications in areas such as national security and even finance, he finds.

7 years ago
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Why Don’t We Take Climate Change Seriously?

The natural sciences present easy-to-follow prescriptions for addressing climate change. Unfortunately, getting human beings to sign on requires navigating a maze of psychological, domestic, social, economic, political and cultural forces.

7 years ago
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Bottling the Olympic Spirit

In the run-up to the World Cup semifinals, David Canter considers the legacy of major international sporting events.

7 years ago