RSS panel on post-truth

Video: What is ‘Post-Truth’? What Can We Do About It?

At a panel debate held by the Royal Statistical Society titled ‘Post-truth: what is it and what can we do about it,’ panelists from BuzzFeed, Sense about Science, Full Fact, the Oxford Internet Institute and the RSS debated this new phenomenon.

3 years ago

Video: Gauging the Size of the Safety Net’s Holes

During the Great Recession government programs were supposed to shelter the worst-hit Americans from the worst of the crisis. Did they, and what’s been the fallout since? Join us for a live broadcast answering those questions.

6 years ago

Implementing Finch Conference

A two-day conference organised by the Academy of Social Sciences looked at the implementation of the recommendations of the Finch Review for Open Access publishing in the UK.

7 years ago

Is democracy possible now?

Last month, SAGE sponsored a one-day symposium at the British Academy on the future of democracy, and media’s contribution to that […]

9 years ago