Academic Freedom

Tone dials

What’s Wrong With Academic Freedom in the UK?

Given the ferocity of the current assault on academic freedom, argues Daniel Nehring, it seems to me that we may be close to a point of no return, past which ‘tone of voice policies’ and similar control mechanisms may become a norm into which coming generations of academics will be socialized as a matter of course.

6 years ago

Book Review: Who’s Afraid of Academic Freedom?

Seventeen essays from distinguished scholars take on the conceptual issues surrounding the idea of freedom of inquiry and consider a variety of obstacles to such inquiry that they have encountered in their personal and professional experience. Opening a discussion on academic freedom and the place of the academy in society is a timely effort, writes Justine Seran.

6 years ago
Wilhelm von Humboldt

A Marketplace of Ideas? Yes. A Market? No

Research and teaching have never been free from external constraints and public universities have long been expected to justify the resources society devotes to them. But universities feel threatened and increasingly incapable of fulfilling their primary functions.

6 years ago
Steven Salaita

L’affaire Salaita: Can Activism Go a Tweet Too Far?

Social media allows scholars to discuss and debate current affairs like never before, but on a very public stage. Brent E. Sasley and Mira Sucharov examine and assess one academic’s tweets on the Israel-Gaza crisis and the questions raised over his style and approach.

7 years ago
Government Shutdown rally

Sequestering Speech: Stories of the Shutdown

Thousands of scientists across the US feel cutbacks are seriously restricting their research and contributions. Gretchen Goldman asks scientists for their reaction and about impact on their work

7 years ago