Academic Freedom

The Financialisation of Academic Knowledge Production

As part of our series on academic freedom, Dylan Kerrigan discusses the wider implications of the financialisation of academic knowledge production by considering academic book publishing. He asks if the success of academic books is best measured by economic or non-economic criteria, by its impact on the business sector or its veracity, by ideological myth-making or evidence.

5 years ago

The Transformation of UK Higher Education Since 1968

Since the heyday of the student movement in the late 1960s policy decisions in the United Kingdom have mostly pushed universities into neoliberal boxes that ill-fit the needs of students and the society at large, argues Hugo Radice.

5 years ago
Michael Polanyi circa 1956

Emotionalisation, Neoliberalism and Academic Freedom in US

The boundaries of academic freedom in the US have shifted, argues Sam Binkley. What is at stake now is not only the freedom to think, speak and generate knowledge, but the freedom, even the requirement that one becomes a certain kind of person in order to think and speak in certain kinds of ways.

5 years ago

Diversity of Viewpoints is Essential for the Pursuit of Knowledge

Pushing for a lecture to be cancelled, or disrupted so that it is either postponed on health and safety grounds, or goes ahead but speakers are unable to be heard, is censorship, argues Jo Williams, and it is to the detriment of all within universities and wider society alike.

5 years ago
Academic Freedom

Introduction: Academic Freedom in Crisis

An introduction to a series of short essays exploring contemporary issues of academic freedom from a range of perspectives, focusing both on British and international trends.

5 years ago
freedom versus responsibility graph

Freedom’s Just Another Word for … Responsibilities

The right of academic freedom are often called upon, but the responsibilities of that same freedom are less often summoned. In the wake of Goffman and Hunt, Bohannan and Stapel, it’s time to rectify that imbalance.

6 years ago
Tenure comic from Jorge Cham

Preserving Academic Freedom When Tenure Is Tenuous

Cathy Sandeen, chancellor of University of Wisconsin Colleges and the University of Wisconsin-Extension, argues that universities need to be more honest on how academic freedom applies to different teaching roles in an environment where tenure is no longer a given.

6 years ago
IOC summer2015

Authors, Academics Join to Support Academic Freedom

Leading academics and influential authors worldwide have signaled their concern by signing a statement backing academic freedom as a special issue of ‘Index on Censorship’ examines the threats facing universities.

6 years ago