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A Modicum of Common Sense Helps Interpret Open Access Publishing

No one ever assumed that everything in print was trustworthy, says Virginia Barbour, and neither should that be the case for open access content. Content is what matters – whether delivered by open access, subscription publishing, or a printed document.

4 years ago
Univerity of Nottingham library

Fake Papers are Not the Real Problem in Science

Hoax papers, whether meant as a corrective demonstration or for more malign purposes, are a high-profile issue in academic publishing. But Achilleas Kostoulas argues that something more pernicious derived from a ‘culture of accountability’ is dogging the industry.

6 years ago

War in History: Open Access Journals

Simon Ball, Head of the School of Humanities at the University of Glasgow, discusses the dangers of Gold Route OA to the Humanities and scholarship in general.

7 years ago
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