Climate Change


Behavioral Science May Hold Some Keys to Climate Change

As we are often reminded, we urgently and drastically need to limit our use of one shared resource – fossil fuels – and its effect on another – the climate. But how realistic is this goal, both for national leaders and for us? Well, psychology may hold some answers.

6 years ago
Climate march

Cimate Debate About Values, Not Data

To move forward on climate change, argues Andy Hoffman, we have to disengage from fixed battle on one scientific front and seek approaches that engage people who are undecided about climate change on multiple social and cultural fronts.

7 years ago
Senator Inhofe and his snowball

Treating Science as Politics Does No One Any Favors

Although the GOP is usually fingered as anti-science, biased attitudes toward scientific information and trust in the scientific community can be found among liberals and conservatives alike, new research shows. As you might expect, biases vary based on the science topic being considered.

7 years ago
Sleeping polar bear

Why Don’t We Take Climate Change Seriously?

The natural sciences present easy-to-follow prescriptions for addressing climate change. Unfortunately, getting human beings to sign on requires navigating a maze of psychological, domestic, social, economic, political and cultural forces.

7 years ago

In the Anthropocene, Every Discipline Has a Role

Grappling with climate change going forward won’t be so much grappling with climate as it will be grappling with human reactions to the forces already in motion. Universities have a role to play in marshaling all their disciplines in this endeavor, says Matthew Nisbet.

7 years ago
Aristot;le and Alexander the Great

It Matters When Science is Misunderstood

A much-shared screed against various types of science –including, predictably, most social science–has James Dyke scratching his head and quoting Wolfgang Pauli: ‘This isn’t right. This isn’t even wrong.’

8 years ago