The Science Media Centre at 20

The UK’s Science Media Centre (SMC) is an internationally admired, and occasionally emulated, model for facilitating interactions between the science […]

1 year ago
movie character uses shotgun in murder

Finding Fault with Faux Facts

No matter how exquisite the details, it is important to separate fact from folklore – which should not require cross examination.

2 years ago
Fake news on screen

Video: Honest Reporting in an Age of News-Shaming

Between his chastisements of the media, Twitter rants, and dismissal of scientifically conducted studies, some may wonder what it really means to be a reporter in the age of Donald Trump. Recently, a panel of reporters came together to address this question during the annual meeting of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.

4 years ago
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How to Avoid Being Misquoted by the Press

Journalists have their own set of accuracy issues, so don’t add to them by making it hard to pick out your message from a torrent of disconnected thoughts carpet bombed on the ink-stained class. Here, Kevin Anselmo offers advice on preparation and training beforehand to reduce the likelihood of being misquoted.

8 years ago
Mapping climate change mentions

Why Not Give Journalists a Tip on Data-Driven Sources

Liliana Bounegru looks at how media scholars have leveraged digital data and algorithmic accountability. In times of shrinking news budgets and staff cuts journalists can turn to such readily available sources of data as a way to understand public engagement with major issues.

9 years ago
Relay race from 1912

How Does False Information Spread Online?

There’s lots and lots (and lots) of information pumping through the internet. This, argues Farida Vis, makes it doubly important to verify what’s out there and then determine how to deal with the patently false.

9 years ago