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Maintaining Anonymity In Double-Blind Peer Review During The Age of Artificial Intelligence

The double-blind review process, adopted by many publishers and funding agencies, plays a vital role in maintaining fairness and unbiasedness by concealing the identities of authors and reviewers. However, in the era of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data, a pressing question arises: can an author’s identity be deduced even from an anonymized paper (in cases where the authors do not advertise their submitted article on social media)?

3 months ago
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As We Evolve Science Policy We Must Vigilantly Assess Its Changes

Considering a series of proposed policy changes by the National Institutes of Health, Micah Altman and Philip N. Cohen, argue they highlight wider systematic gaps in the evaluation of operational science policies and signal an urgent need to increase funding for metascience.

4 months ago
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What Constitutes Gender Bias In Academia?

Researchers regularly observe gender differences in favor of men in various parts of academia, such as fewer women in senior academic positions, fewer publications, lower citations rates and lower funding of women. However, researchers also observe differences in favor of women, such as more women being elected in NAS, more favorable peer review and higher funding rates of women.

6 months ago
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Greater Autonomy Needed to Reform Research Reassessment: A View from Spain

The Agreement on Reforming Research Assessment offers a window of opportunity to transform evaluation systems across Europe. However, in order to implement the qualitative style of evaluation proposed, it will be necessary to modify the processes and sites of evaluation in those countries relying on centralised evaluation system

6 months ago
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Communicating Findings Should be Included in Research Funding

Reflecting on the ongoing professionalisation of academic communication and increased opportunities for researchers to engage, Andy Tattersall argues researchers and research funders should be mindful of the communication requirements of their projects and factor them into their bids and tenders.

10 months ago
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AI-Generated Texts’ Implications for Academic Writing

Simone Natale and Leah Henrickson draw on their research into computational creativity and introduce the concept of the ‘Lovelace Effect’, to explain how creativity is often a product of social conventions and why as a consequence, educators and researchers should think carefully about what constitutes good writing in their fields.

10 months ago

Rethinking the Link Between Learned Societies and Academic Journals

Historically, there has been a tight link between journals, journal publications and a community of scholars working in specific fields of research who contribute to and manage them. Aileen Fyfe asks if we should rethink the structure of the learned societies that underpins this.

10 months ago