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Evidence-Based Policy: Do Knowledge Brokers Help?

We need to bridge the gap between academic research and public policy. Sarah Quarmby takes a look inside a knowledge brokering organization, the Wales Centre for Public Policy, to see how its day-to-day workings tally with the body of knowledge about evidence use in policymaking.

4 years ago

Little Blue Birds of a (Disciplinary) Feather Flock Together

The success of academic research in reaching out beyond its own scientific community is a perennial concern, even more so following the rapid adoption of social media and the ability to easily transmit information to potentially millions of people. But is increased social media attention really indicative of “broader impact”? A new study suggests social media does not broaden scientific communication, but rather replicates and perpetuates pre-established disciplinary boundaries. 

5 years ago

Is Academe Now Privileging Click-bait Over Rigor?

Portia Roelofs and Max Gallien cite Bruce Gilley’s defense of colonialism paper published earlier this month to illustrate how deliberately provocative articles have the capacity to hack academia, to privilege clicks and attention over rigor in research.

5 years ago

Open Writing is the Necessary Precursor to Open Science

The new Open Writing project aims to open academic writing practice to reflections and experiments with the actual process of writing, with a view to creating new, open research products that have an impact on peers, public and policymakers.

5 years ago

A Post-Mortem: Social Sciences and Brexit

The UK’s referendum on remaining in the European Union or leaving it generated an avalanche of campaign information, including hundreds of interventions by social scientists. David Walker casts a sceptical eye over the experience, asking whether the wafer-thin majority for Leave signals a failure of social scientists input.

6 years ago
diffusion of innovation

Could ‘Faculty Publication Funds’ Drive Gold OA?

Having tracked and analysed the usage data of one university’s central open access fund over eight years, Stephen Pinfield finds that mandates, particularly if accompanied by funding, have played a very important role in encouraging uptake of Gold OA.

6 years ago

Building Metrics That Help, Not Hurt, Science

Rather than expecting people to stop utilizing metrics altogether, we would be better off focusing on making sure the metrics are effective and accurate, argues Brett Buttliere.

7 years ago

Survey Finds Scholars’ Perception of OA Improving

The head of insights at Nature Publishing Group and Palgrave Macmillan shares findings from a recent survey of authors that finds few researchers are now unaware of open access, but their perceptions of quality still remain a significant barrier to further OA involvement.

7 years ago