The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science

Article Collection Examines How to Prevent Police Killings

The recent police killings of Breonna Taylor and George Floyd have given new urgency to the seemingly intractable issue of fatal policy violence, and we offer the articles in the volume to inform the actions of those who work for a less-deadly future.

3 years ago

Video: Evidence-Based Policy in the Trump Era

New Video highlighting the July 19th session held at the Brookings Institution on the new 2018 volume of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Featuring Sen. Todd Young (R) & Sen. Tom Carper (D), assessing how ‘evidence in public policy is faring, currently, in the Trump administration.

5 years ago

Archived Webinar: Understanding America’s Rural-Urban Interface

America’s rural-urban divide, it seems, has never been greater, a point reinforced by large geographic disparities in support for Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. But it is also the case that big cities and rural communities are more tightly integrated than ever and are increasingly interdependent, both economically and socially. That was the starting point for a recent webinar which is archived here.

6 years ago

Archived Webinar: Elections in America

What is the future of American political parties as we known them? Do Americans even care about the candidates’ positions? Do campaign visits and television ads really turn the dial in voting. Political scientists Larry Bartels, Lynn Vavreck and Gary Jacobsen — address these and other questions about the current presidential election in this archived webinar.

7 years ago

The Mash of Cultures: Integration and Mixedness

At a time when the differences between cultures seem increasingly unbridgeable, what does the latest scholarship about intermarriage and integration tell us about how to improve sociocultural relations and social cohesion? The editor of a special issue of ‘The ANNALS of the AAPSS’ offers some ideas …

8 years ago
Senator Inhofe and his snowball

Treating Science as Politics Does No One Any Favors

Although the GOP is usually fingered as anti-science, biased attitudes toward scientific information and trust in the scientific community can be found among liberals and conservatives alike, new research shows. As you might expect, biases vary based on the science topic being considered.

9 years ago

It’s Time to Take the Measure of Social Mobility

Despite its obsession with the concept of equal opportunity, the United States hasn’t actively monitored its residents’ social mobility for more than four decades. Now a group of social scientists have proposed an efficient way using existing tools to chart mobility.

9 years ago
Annals cover Sep14

The Perverse Results of Performance Funding for Universities

Given the rise of policies that try to link state appropriations for public universities to the student outcomes for those institutions, the natural question must be: do these funding policies correlate with higher student achievement? The answers may surprise …

9 years ago

In front of one’s nose

With the election of Barack Obama as president of the United States, many prominent public figures declared that America had “entered a ‘post-racial’ era.” But as sociologists Eduardo Bonilla-Silva and David Dietrich argue, “racial oppression is still systematic in America.”

12 years ago