Month: October 2014

Professor McGonagall

Don’t Let A Snob Story Become a Sob Story

There are a number of species of snobbery that show up on campus and it’s useful to develop skills for counting or even reversing its malign influence. Step one: learn to laugh.

8 years ago

Tracking the Provenance of Corruption

In an award-winning paper, political scientist Alberto Simpser looks at the persistence and mobility of corruption in an increasingly mobile world.

8 years ago
Nobel Economics

What I’ve Got Against the Nobel in Economics

This year’s winner of the not-quite Nobel Prize in economics once again demonstrates the triumph of the blackboard over the real world in what gets recognized — and that’s not good, argues David Spencer.

8 years ago
Richard Best

Academy of Social Sciences Names 2014 Fellows

Lord Richard Best, the longtime chief executive of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation; David Willets, a Conservative Party MP and until July the minister of state for universities and science; and Loraine R R Gelsthorpe, the current president of the British Society for Criminology, are among 34 leading social science scholars and practitioners named as 2014 fellows to the Academy of Social Sciences today in London.

8 years ago
Humboldt University

How Germany Managed to Abolish University Tuition Fees

If Germany has done it, why can’t we? That’s the question being asked by many students around the world in countries that charge tuition fees to university. Barbara Kehm explains how Germany reached this point, and whether it’s likely to stay there.

8 years ago

Shake By All Means, But Social Science is Not Natural Science

Will Davies responds to the calls for a social science shake-up by questioning the status of the social sciences in 2014 as something other than mere understudies to the natural sciences. The shared terrain of the two, he argues, seems to rest on various acts of forgetting on the part of the social sciences, but no acts of learning on the part of the natural sciences.

8 years ago

Shaken and Stirred: Christakis on Re-ordering Social Science

With one foot firmly planted in natural science and one in social science, Yale’s Nicholas A. Christakis looks at the landscape of the latter and wonders why it’s changed so little in the past century. Is it time for a common-sense, and yet radical, reshuffling of the institutional frameworks that we tend to accept as permanent?

8 years ago