Month: October 2014

Have we got treats for you!

Today we wanted to mention some great resources that are available to you. Have you visited our Leadership Solutions portal? Whether you’re […]

8 years ago

What is conscious leading?

The 16th annual meeting of the International Leadership Association (ILA), takes place in San Diego, California this week, October 30-November 2, 2014. As the […]

8 years ago

Charting the Road From Attention to Citation

Previous studies show there is low correlation between altmetrics and citation, but how do altmetrics compare to other metrics? Xianwen Wang and his colleagues recently conducted a study to answer this question.

8 years ago

Is Big Data Galloping to a ‘Horsemeat Moment’?

Big data is ultimately a big boon for both researchers and the public. But without some reasonable and quick regulation, argues Duncan Shaw, scandals arising from its misuse could turn the public’s stomach.

8 years ago
Jousting knights

Seeking Champions for Social Sciences

Past attempts by American policymakers to degrade the role of social science in the nation’s research and educational infrastructure highlight the necessity of having champions ready to joust in the tourneys on Capitol Hill.

8 years ago