Month: December 2014

When Chasing Prestige Becomes the Prize

A survey by the Nuffield Council on Bioethics suggests that researchers appreciate the benefits of competition but also fear how it can emphasize prestige over quality

9 years ago
Colin Firth at typewriter

Colin Firth: Author, Actually

Authorship of an article seems like it ought to be straightforward, but of course it’s not. Even with greater scrutiny, abuse of the process — both adding the wrong people and subtracting the right ones — continues.

9 years ago

Happy Boxing Day!

Celebrated in the British Commonwealth, Boxing Day – also known as St. Stephen’s Day – has become a day of […]

9 years ago
Measuring spoons

REF: An Idea Whose Time Never Came

Reporting on panel looking at the UK’s Research Excellence Framework, Liz Morrish looks at whether the assessment tools created by government have extended their reach and left academics exposed.

9 years ago