Month: December 2014

Repair effort

Peer Review Has Problems. Let’s Fix Them

In a conclusion to his two earlier articles on post-publication peer review, Andy Tattersall argues that while new ways to measure scholarly value may not be perfect yet, it’s still high time to start introducing them more widely.

6 years ago

Introducing SAGE Language Services!

SAGE is proud to announce the launch of SAGE Language Services, a new online source that provides pre-submission manuscript preparation […]

6 years ago
Social media icons

A Few Caveats for Budding Social Media Research Mavens

Behavioral scientists have seized on social media and their massive data sets as a way to quickly and cheaply figure out what people are thinking and doing. But some of those tweets and thumbs ups can be misleading.

6 years ago
Women 2.0 conference sign

Women’s Own Behavior Boosts Gender Disparity in Academia

Concerns about gender equity in academia are persistent and sadly not new. A recent paper details evidence that women may inadvertently contribute to gender disparities in conference presentations by requesting lower profile roles. What can be done to address that?

6 years ago
John Culberson

Can Federal Funding for the Social Sciences Survive in 2015?

The change in political balance in the U.S. Congress almost certainly will impact the fortunes of government-funded social and behavioral science next year. It’s time, argues Howard Silver, for universities and private industry to join the effort to preserve and protect these disciplines.

6 years ago

Will SPOCs Live Long and Prosper?

We’re familiar with MOOCs — massive online courses. But what’s happened to the smaller — and more human-sized — online courses of yore?

6 years ago
Korean classroom

View From Korea: Higher Education Without Utopia

South Korea’s educational edifice has been praised near and far. But after a year spent among attentive and excellent students, Daniel Nehring wonders if the ‘pressure cooker’ apsects of the system aren’t sowing the seeds of a permanent status quo.

6 years ago