Month: December 2014

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Science Career Survey Question in Peril

UPDATED: The National Science Board hopes it can muster support to save a question in the annual American Community Survey that tells us how many undergrads are taking science and research degrees. And a suite of questions on marriage trends is also facing the ax.

8 years ago
Charles M. Russell painting ofm a cattle roundup

Round-up of Social Science Research

The following articles are drawn from SAGE Insight, which spotlights research published in SAGE’s more than 700 journals. The articles linked below […]

8 years ago
France Cordova

NSF Changes Guidelines for Informative Titles, Abstracts

UPDATED: Amidst calls by politicians for greater transparency in how the National Science Foundation arrives at grant decisions, the federal agency institutes new guidelines for more accessible descriptions of projects.

8 years ago

Why Do Careers Plateau?

When faced with a plateau in their career, why do some employees feel stuck and others content? What causes this […]

8 years ago
Medicins Sans Frontieres staff in Guinea

Ebola: The Human Cost of Neglecting the Social Sciences

There is a genuine cost from ignoring lessons from social science in the fight against Ebola. What’s even sadder — these lessons were taught in blood three decades ago in the fights against AIDS. Are we ready for the next malady?

8 years ago