Month: July 2015

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Report: Metrics Not Mature Enough to Replace Peer Review

A new report looking at the role of metrics in analyzing British academe finds, ‘A lot of the things we value most in academic culture resist simple quantification, and individual indicators can struggle to do justice to the richness and diversity of our research.’

5 years ago
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This Global Science Map Is Not Destiny

There is less research in the global south than in the north, but Laura Czerniewicz notes that there’s actually more than quick metrics capture and that perceptions of ‘science. and research outputs must be broadened.

5 years ago
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Freedom’s Just Another Word for … Responsibilities

The right of academic freedom are often called upon, but the responsibilities of that same freedom are less often summoned. In the wake of Goffman and Hunt, Bohannan and Stapel, it’s time to rectify that imbalance.

5 years ago
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So How Does Tenure Work in Europe?

With university tenure under scrutiny in Wisconsin and tenure itself under assault elsewhere, Jürgen Enders examines how academics are protected in three European countries.

5 years ago
Kerric Harvey

Stories of Research to Reality: Kerric Harvey

Media anthropologist Kerric Harvey was present when the world started to wake to the idea that the Internet was changing society dramatically, and realized that good social science was needed to figure out what to expect.

5 years ago

An Almost-Autopsy of Small Colleges

There’s a lovely diversity in the size and mission of institutions of higher education in the United States. It’s a shame that the little schools, like the Virginia women’s college Sweet Briar, are faced with ugly financial threats.

5 years ago