Month: June 2016

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Britain and Europe: Tragedy or Farce?

The result of the second UK referendum on membership of the European Union appeared immediately as a tragedy, says Robert Dingwall. It has rapidly degenerated into a farce, which may yet have tragic consequences.

6 years ago

Can We Replicate the Reported Crisis in Psychology?

The problems associated with modern psychology are longstanding and cultural, with researchers, reviewers, editors, journals and news-media all prioritizing and benefiting from the quest for novelty, says Keith Laws.

6 years ago
Nigel Farage

The Sociology of Brexit

Public conversations about Britain’s EU membership could have involved wide-ranging discussions of British and European politics, economics and society, argues our Daniel Nehring. They did not. Instead, they were dominated by oversimplifications, stereotypes and lies.

6 years ago

After the Referendum – What Next for UK Social Science?

in the wake of the leavers winning the Brexit vote, the British Academy of Social Sciences predicts uncertainty for the social science community, ‘with implications for research funding, international collaboration, freedom of movement, and capacity building.’

6 years ago
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Intrepid Explorers Leader Takes Top ESRC Impact Award

A Ph.D. geography student from King’s College London whose efforts to share with the public stories of social science work and research in the field were both effective and inspiring has been named the 2016 Impact Champion by Britain’s Economic and Social Research Council.

6 years ago
Joe Friday

Voters Demand Facts But Do They Want Them?

Imagine a crystal ball that could provide us with graphs of levels of house prices, migration, the value of the pound, or the number of EU laws, from now into the far future, suggests Nick Chater about the results of the Brexit vote. He suspects this crystal ball would not help many voters come to any firm conclusions.

6 years ago
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Academics on Brexit: Phony War is Over

A collection of academic articles from three journals published by SAGE examine the questions whirling around the Brexit vote. As Angus Armstrong and Jonathan Portes say, ‘The phony war is over!’

6 years ago
Truman and Kennedy

Presidential Elections and Party Unity

As we head toward the 2016 nominating conventions, both presumptive nominees Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton face questions about their ability to unify their parties around their candidacies, both at the political elite level and the grass roots level.

6 years ago