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How to Annoy Your Survey Participants in Six Easy Steps

Journalism professor Vince Filak opted to be a nice guy and answer a quick survey from a university he’d once attended. ‘I’m not sure how much help I was to the people who put the survey out,’ he says, ‘but given the various problems I had with this survey, I’m hoping I can help you all learn how to avoid what went wrong for them.’

2 years ago

Microsite Offers Research on Big Data Research

In the latest of its monthly series of interdisciplinary microsites addressing important public issues, SAGE Publishing is offering free access to a suite academic articles that focus on research about big data through November 15.

2 years ago

An Ethical Approach to an Ethical Dilemma

Regardless of whether human nature is “good” or “evil,” studies do show that we, the consumers, want corporations to care and invest deeply in social issues. With the growth of “corporate social responsibility”, comes increased public scrutiny, requiring companies to live up to public standards- which isn’t a bad thing.

2 years ago

Communicating NSF’s Value to Elected Officials

The Coalition for National Science Funding hosted a webinar titled “Communicating the Value of NSF to Elected Officials”; Focusing on the need to engage with elected officials while they’re at home in their district. An issue of importance as US Government continues to go back and forth on its funding for the next fiscal year.

2 years ago

Creating an Active Learning Culture

‘Community engagement’ courses usually require students to complete a certain number of hours of service learning, with hope that it can lead to an active learning space. However, David Rohall believes more than just one or two community courses are needed, and should involve building relationships with community leaders and norms that encourage active learning.

2 years ago
Lecture hall

When Should You Lecture?

In the second installment of our Sociology in Action series, Dr. Maxine P. Atkinson shares her secrets on what makes a good lecture stick. Hint: engagement and involvement.

2 years ago

What is Active Learning?

What constitutes active learning? How can you tell if a teaching technique qualifies as active? “A simple way to distinguish active learning,” says Dr. Maxine Atkinson, “is to ask the question: Who is doing the intellectual work?”

2 years ago

Putting Active Learning into All Sociology Programs

Among the top-ranked liberal arts schools, all but one offer sociology courses that include active learning experiences. The same is not true for AASCU schools with only 1/3 having these courses. The good news is that now all instructors—no matter the size of their classes or their school’s endowment—can find ways to incorporate active learning into their courses.

2 years ago

Creating a Student Initiated Online Course Review

The third post from our new Sociology in Action series! Ever wonder what your online students have retained at the end of the course? Professor Kathleen Odell Korgen did also and she used “extra credit” to find out.

2 years ago

Video: Evidence-Based Policy in the Trump Era

New Video highlighting the July 19th session held at the Brookings Institution on the new 2018 volume of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Featuring Sen. Todd Young (R) & Sen. Tom Carper (D), assessing how ‘evidence in public policy is faring, currently, in the Trump administration.

2 years ago