Are Big Tech Companies Bad for Innovation?

In digitized global markets, how do local governments regulate competition? Andreas Kornelakis and Pauline Hublart looked at the question in “Digital markets, competition regimes and models of capitalism: A comparative institutional analysis of European and US responses to Google,” recently published in the journal Competition & Change.

2 years ago

Dickens’s Heart of Darkness – Not Your Muppet Christmas Carol

If you missed the broadcast of the new BBC/FX version of A Christmas Carol, it is well worth tracking down on a streaming service. While the production is occasionally bonkers, it brilliantly captures Charles Dickens’s passionate anger about social injustice in Victorian Britain.

3 years ago
. Gøsta Esping-Andersen

25 Years of ‘Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism’

Allan Bloom has claimed there are no classics in the social sciences, but the editors of a special collection of essays on the impact of Gøsta Esping-Andersen’s book ‘The Three Worlds of Welfare Capitalism’ on its 25th birthday suggest that in fact this book shows Bloom was mistaken.

8 years ago

Universities for the Post-Democratic Age

Critical scholarship and intellectual dissent are currently being closed down in favour of a model of academic life that accords scholars a limited role as purveyors of practically useful skills in ‘real-world’ labour markets.

10 years ago

Job Search 2.0: Breaking the Silence

If we don’t discuss the job search as anything more than a painful memory, we add to the mystique of gaining academic employment, isolating ourselves in the process.

10 years ago

Reconceptualizing Capitalism

Raju J. Das, York University, published “Reconceptualizing Capitalism: Forms of Subsumption of Labor, Class Struggle, and Uneven Development” on October 4th, […]

12 years ago