Peer Review

Maybe We Should Just Pay Peer Reviewers

An experiment on economists looked at offering small stipends for reviewers, as well as tighter deadlines and dollop of public shaming. Which worked, and could this have implications beyond this field and this journal? Max Nathan discusses.

6 years ago
Peer review

What is Peer Review? An Explainer

We’ve all heard the phrase “peer review” as giving credence to research and scholarly papers, but what does it actually […]

6 years ago

To Err Is Human, To Study Errors Is Science

The possible retraction of a high profile paper in the medical sciences offers a teachable moment about replication, peer review, cognitive bias and the beauty and beastliness that can be science.

6 years ago
Peer review guide cover

Peer Review: The Nuts and Bolts

Using a collection of concerns raised by their peers, Sense about Science’s Voices of Young Scientists writing team set off […]

6 years ago

Get Published!

Do you have a paper to submit for Compensation & Benefits Review? Compensation & Benefits Review is accepting bylined articles […]

7 years ago