The A to Z: Tips for Writing an Impact Case Study

With submission to REF 2021 now less than two years away, university staff and academics are stepping up work to present their best examples of research impact. Sally Brown has compiled this useful A to Z to form compelling impact case studies.

9 months ago

How Social Media Was Cited in Impact Case Studies?

In their previous Impact Blog post, Katy Jordan and Mark Carrigan considered whether institutions have invested too much hope in social media as a solution to the problem of demonstrating research impact. Here they report on research analyzing how social media was cited in impact case studies submitted to the UK’s REF 2014.

1 year ago

Stern Review: The REF and the Damage Done

The new report of the REF from Lord Stern hopefully may shift the spotlight away from individual researchers themselves and onto the organizational practice of their universities, argues Richard Watermeyer.

3 years ago

The UK’s HE Landscape in the Wake of ‘Knowledge Economy’

The new government report ‘Succeeding as a Knowledge Economy’ takes forward most of the ideas about improving teaching at Britain institutions of higher education already found in a green paper published in November 2015. So what does this new report tell us about the future?

3 years ago

Did the REF Ultimately Measure Who Got Most Grant Money?

If the funding allocated to universities on the basis of the REF is correlated to the amount of grant income universities already receive, what is the point of the output assessment process? Jon Clayden suggests this apparent double-counting exercise is not the best we can do.

4 years ago
Counts counted quote

Report: Metrics Not Mature Enough to Replace Peer Review

A new report looking at the role of metrics in analyzing British academe finds, ‘A lot of the things we value most in academic culture resist simple quantification, and individual indicators can struggle to do justice to the richness and diversity of our research.’

4 years ago
Rank Hypocrisies cover

Book Review: Rank Hypocrisies: the Insult of the REF

Publication of the results of the 2014 Research Excellence Framework evaluation of the quality of work undertaken in all UK universities last December attracted much attention. Ron Johnston reviews a book that savagely criticizes the peer reviews undertaken at the heart of the REF but also the mock exercises as universities prepared their submissions.

5 years ago

The Tyranny of Excellence is Hurting Research

Nick Butler and Sverre Spoelstra argue that the game-playing that accompanies Britain’s Research Excellence Framework to achieve better appearances is harming the intent of the exercise.

5 years ago
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