Month: November 2011

How far should we go?

This summer, I have been reading one of the most impressive ethnographies that I have seen for a long time: […]

12 years ago

Most Cited Articles 2009-2010

One of the most cited articles in 2009 and 2010 in Management & Organization Studies is from Organizational Research Methods. […]

12 years ago

JMI Six Degrees Podcast series

As the Journal of Management Inquiry (JMI) approached its 20th year, Marvin Washington and Nelson Phillips called on the editorial […]

12 years ago

social science sites of the week

Bahrain Human Rights Reforms. This week a commission reported into future human rights reforms in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The […]

12 years ago

Employee Job Search

Wendy R. Boswell, Ryan D. Zimmerman and Brian W. Swider, all of Texas A&M University, published “Employee Job Search: Toward […]

12 years ago