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Does compassion make dieters more likely to lose weight? What stops people from recycling? Could an anti-drinking Facebook campaign change a student’s life? Find out these answers and more by reading the current top five most-read articles from Social Marketing Quarterly. These papers are free to access through June 26 using the links below. Please share and enjoy!

SMQ_v19n2_72ppiRGB_150pixWErika Beseler Thompson, Frank Heley, Laura Oster-Aaland, Sherri Nordstrom Stastny, and Elizabeth Crisp Crawford
The Impact of a Student-Driven Social Marketing Campaign on College Student Alcohol-Related Beliefs and Behaviors
March 2013

Jill Jesson
Household Waste Recycling Behavior: A Market Segmentation Model
June 2009

Martine Stead, Lisa Arnott, and Emma Dempsey
Healthy Heroes, Magic Meals, and a Visiting Alien: Community-Led Assets-Based Social Marketing
March 2013

Robert Forbus and Jason L. Snyder
Use of Comforting to Enhance Social Marketing Success: A Case Study
June 2013

Daniel Hayden and Fangzhou Deng
The Science of Goal Setting: A Practitioner’s Guide to Goal Setting in the Social Marketing of Conservation
March 2013

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