Evidence-Based Policy

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AI May Usurp the Market in Guiding Public Policy Decisions

Most institutions see the market as the only legitimate form of organization, but different visions towards public policy, some involving artificial intelligence, have been the subject of consideration from academics and politicians alike. Under what circumstances, and to what extent, could artificial intelligence replace the market as the end-all guiding force in crafting reasonable public policy? Brexit may play a leading role in the transition.

2 years ago
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Technology Can Collect and Analyze Evidence for Policy

Creators and participants in the Evidence Synthesis Hackathon ask what’s the solution to coping with the increasing volume of evidence needed to build effective, solid policy? They argue that technology is the key. With accessible software tools and workflows, machines can be left to do the laborious work so that people can focus on planning, thinking and doing.

2 years ago

President Signs Bill on Evidence-Based Policy

In what’s been billed as “the first step in a longer process of ensuring the government is fully invested in using science to improve the effectiveness of its operations,” on January 14 President Trump signed the Foundations for Evidence-Based Policymaking Act of 2018.

3 years ago
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New Report Packages Themes from Evidence Week

“The question we must therefore ask is: are we all really working to the best available picture of what is going on in the world?” So asks a new report that summarizes the themes discussed in June’s first-ever Evidence Week.

3 years ago

Africa Takes Steps in Using Evidence to Inform Policy

Africa has a real challenge when it comes to using academic research and evidence to design policies. “The problem is twofold,” says author Ruth Stewart, “policymakers sometimes don’t call on available research, while for their part academics don’t know how to engage with policymakers.” But this isn’t stopping the continent from taking strides in the right direction.

3 years ago

Video: Evidence-Based Policy in the Trump Era

New Video highlighting the July 19th session held at the Brookings Institution on the new 2018 volume of The ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science. Featuring Sen. Todd Young (R) & Sen. Tom Carper (D), assessing how ‘evidence in public policy is faring, currently, in the Trump administration.

3 years ago

Evidence-Based Policy: Do Knowledge Brokers Help?

We need to bridge the gap between academic research and public policy. Sarah Quarmby takes a look inside a knowledge brokering organization, the Wales Centre for Public Policy, to see how its day-to-day workings tally with the body of knowledge about evidence use in policymaking.

3 years ago

Outlining the Many Beneficiaries of Evidence Week

The head of Sense about Science discusses the importance of public reasoning and accountability and why the first ever Evidence Week is a timely response to the changing demands of meeting those ideals, especially among politicians and policymakers. 

3 years ago

Building a Foundation on Solid Evidence

Ziyad Marar, the president of global publishing for SAGE, explains how SAGE’s values and its mission “to build bridges to knowledge” overlap with the intent of the United Kingdom’s Evidence Week, which takes place later this June.

3 years ago

Research Must Try to Influence Change

There is no doubt that good communications and framing research for your audience is important to influencing policy and having impact. But shouldn’t we be aiming higher than producing and packaging research that simply meets the demands of policy actors? James Georgalakis argues that research and researchers need to challenge dominant paradigms and expose inconvenient truths.

3 years ago