Evidence-Based Policy

Impact Still Helping Higher Education; But at What Cost?

Tina Basi and Mona Sloane argue that REF 2021 offers the opportunity to frame a discussion on the purpose of universities that is less focused on economics and more focused on people and public engagement, returning closer to the Humboldtian model of higher education.

4 years ago

Diversity: Good Intentions Aren’t Same as Evidence

You’d be forgiven for assuming a quick and sure way to multiply profits and amplify organizational success is to increase the gender and racial diversity of any group. According to mainstream media, the effects of gender and racial diversity are universally favorable. However, professor Alice Eagly states, “the truth is there’s no adequate scientific basis for these newsworthy assertions.”

4 years ago
Social Science news bulletin

Washington and Social Science: Bills on Evidence-Based Policy, Peer-Review

While most eyes in Washington are focused on tax reform, two new bills that affect social science have been introduced: one that re configures how peer-review would be used for determining research grants, and another that would make use of recommendations from a bipartisan study on evidence-based policy.

4 years ago

Behavioral Evidence Hub Seeks to Link Research With Solutions

A new website promises to spotlight evidence-based initiatives that offer deep insight into tough problems – from staying in college and increasing savings rates to improving medication adherence and vaccination uptake – into a single tool.

5 years ago
Basicl Rathbone as Sherlock Holmes

Social Scientists Busy in Run-up to UK’s General Election

Academic researchers – not just media pundits – should have their say in holding policy promises to account. Jonathan Breckon charts the various activities around the United Kingdom aimed at providing a rigorous evidence base in the run-up to the General Election.

7 years ago
Public Benefit

Social Science Needs to Benefit Society, and Now

The last two UK governments have invested heavily in social science research. But we still do not know how to use the results in order to start improving society. This has to change, and soon.

7 years ago

The Impact of Social Sciences Project by the Numbers

The Impact of Social Sciences blog emerged from a three-year research project devoted to a qualitative and quantitative understanding of the complexity of academic impact. To not let any impact-relevant knowledge dissolve away, Jane Tinkler takes a look back at the outputs, outcomes and connections made throughout the research process.

7 years ago
Impact crash

Is Maximizing the Impact of Research Desirable?

There is a push to demonstrate the impact of the social sciences, especially as political and funding authorities start viewing them through an immediate-payoff prism. But showing impact doesn’t always come at no cost.

8 years ago