Angus Deaton

Bridge-building Economist Angus Deaton Wins Nobel

The Nobel committee has awarded Princeton’s Angus Deaton ‘for his analysis of consumption, poverty, and welfare.’ But in fact, he was awarded for building bridges – between disciplines, between theory and reality, between people.

4 years ago

How Has Retailing Evolved?

From general stores to department stores and superstores, retailing has undergone significant changes in the past two centuries. In their […]

4 years ago
John Nash

The Game Theorist: John Nash, 1928-2015

The impact of John Nash’s initial work has been immense over the past 65 years. It seems certain that in his absence, the frameworks and mathematical language he refined and developed will continue to provide new insights into a diverse range of problems.

5 years ago

Studying Economics: Of the Elites by the Elites

UK universities have had to become much more responsive to changes in the pattern of demand and compete with one another for different revenue streams.  New universities have retreated from offering economics programs even as student numbers have risen substantially.

5 years ago