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Transforming How We Teach?

The authors of a new paper in ‘Management Learning’ believe that a reflexive relationship to their identities produces liberating forms of knowledge, which in turn seems to lie at the heart of transforming how they teach.


The Pivotal Role of Educational Leaders in Achieving Racial Equity in Schooling and Education

As a racialized woman raising racialized children, Shezadi Khushal thinks about the impact of racism on identity, mattering and belonging; and on student academic performance and outcomes. For this reason, I have engaged in the scholarship of anti-racist educational leadership.

Helene Ahl and Susan Marlow

A Behind the Scenes Look at an Award-Winning Paper on Entrepreneurship

What goes into making an exceptional academic article? In this interview, the editor-in-chief and an associate editor of the journal Human Relations ask that of Helene Ahl and Susan Marlow, authors of the journal’s official 2021 article of the year. In “Exploring the false promise of entrepreneurship thro

Kamal Harris speaking in front of US flag

Women and Leadership: Navigating Pathways to Success

Women continue to be underutilized and underrepresented in senior-decision making roles, notes Shezadi Khushal as she explains lessons she drew from the book ‘Women and Leadership.’

Lemur showing surprised reaction

What’s Wrong with Writing and Publishing Interesting Academic Articles?

Novelty is fine in management – and other social science – as long as that’s not the only thing driving the research.

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Putting a Critical Perspective to Use in Management Education

The authors of a new paper on management education were motivated to pursue this research because we felt that critical thinking and the importance of having a critical approach were treated too narrowly in the traditional leadership and management literature.


Leader Communication About Crowdsourcing and Participative Management: More Rhetoric Than Reality?

In this post authors Jim Westphal of the University of Michigan, David H. Zhu at Arizona State University, and Rajyalakshmi […]

stack of blue ribbon medals

Do Awards Incentivize Non-Winners to Work Harder on CSR?

When companies awarded for their corporate social responsibility efforts perform better financially, non-winners will be more motivated to respond to their competitors’ wins.


Building Understanding of How Virtual Environments Impact Leadership

Place and space concepts help to illuminate how the place an organization inhabits and related beliefs have a significant impact […]


Perceived Support Profiles in the Workplace: A Longitudinal Perspective

In this post, authors Gaëtane Caesens, Alexandre J. S. Morin, Nicolas Gillet, Florence Stinglhamber reflect on their recent research article, […]

interview at table near window

To Lead or Not to Lead – That Is the Question

Our curiosity about how to decipher leading from non-leading questions resulted in a typology of how interview questions can lead in three ways; through introduced content, presupposition and evaluation.

Battered Lebanese flag

Why Entrepreneurship Is Only Sometimes Good for Peace and Stability

How can countries that are affected by conflict – such as Syria, Ethiopia, Yemen, Myanmar, and Afghanistan – be helped? […]


Rethinking Readiness: What it Takes for Your Customers and Employees to Succeed in Today’s Networked Service Environments

Today, customers and employees need a broader form of “readiness” to successfully face fundamentally altered capability and motivational demands. Enter ‘actor ecosystem readiness.’

Graphic connecting faces in social network

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Mess With Your Close Social Ties

It’s sometimes said that it’s not what you know that counts, but who you know. In the essay below, authors […]

Graphic reads 'A roadmap for business research with societal impact'

New Report Offers Roadmap for Impactful Business School Research

The Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business has released, “Research That Matters: An Action Plan for Creating Business School Research That Positively Impacts Society.”

Listening with headphones while using laptop

The Myth of the COVID-Transformed Workplace: New Podcast Series

Widespread changes to work life prompted by COVID led many to declare the workplace had come to a “new normal.” This podcast series from CHOICE’s The Authority File asks if these changes will remain permanent


Webinar: Measuring Societal Impact in Business Research: From Challenges to Change

Listen to SAGE’s webinar on new ways we can look at and measure the societal impact of research within Business […]

Distressed man holds stack on money to forehead

Wage Inequality Offers Short-Term Boost and Long-Term Problem

Although it may pay off in the short-term, new research suggests wage inequality is not in a firm’s long-term interest.

Road forks in the woods

Leadership at Crossroads: To Dehumanize or Humanize Leadership Education?

Narrowly focused on leadership as a goal-focused activity, conventional approaches to teaching it, argues Shaista Khilji, have led to the dehumanization of leadership.

Gert Jan Hofstede and Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede: A Paradigm’s Paternity

The son of famed social scientist Geert Hofstede argues the his father’s most important book, In the 40 years since publication, has gone through a Kuhnian cycle: anathema – revelation – normal science. It’s not over yet.

active listening in practice

Communicate, Connect, Sell!

Professor Lisa Spiller noticed that sales management textbooks she looked at were missing topics like storytelling, neuro-linguistic programming, determining willingness-to-buy, servant leadership, and sales analytics. So she wrote a book that did.

geert hofstede at home

Celebrating the 40th Anniversary of Hofstede’s ‘Culture’s Consequences’

There may be two possible reactions to the anniversary of Geert Hofstede’s ‘Culture’s Consequences’: that in 2021 the work may be considered outdated; or that Geert Hofstede’s work is timeless.

Tourism Crises cover

Tourism’s Crisis Management. Lessons for all Businesses and How Crisis Management Found Me

Whether a crisis impacts retailers, banks, manufacturers, miners, construction, traders or tourism, says David Beirman, the management of recovery operates under a surprisingly similar set of rules.

Doing Business in Asia cover

‘Doing Business in Asia’: How to Thrive in an International Collaboration

Professor Terence Tsai outlines how he was recruited to work on the new book, Doing Business in Asia, and what factors led to the smooth completion of the collaborative writing involved.

Geert Hofstede

Geert Hofstede, 1928-2020: The Engineer of Cross-Cultural Psychology

Twenty years ago the second edition of one of the more influential books in social science, Geert Hofstede’s Culture’s Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviors, Institutions and Organizations Across Nations, appeared.


Business & Management Impact: Free Resources Page

SAGE has launched a new webpage, Business & Management Impact, with a range of free resources for researchers, instructors, students, […]


What Can Go Wrong When People Get Financial Advice?

Today we look at professionalism in the financial planning industry as explored in the paper “Ethics in financial planning: Analysis of ombudsman decisions using codes of ethics and fiduciary duty standards” in the Australian Journal of Management.


Watch the Video:  Reinventing Management the Responsible Way

In this video you can view the first episode of SAGE Publishing’s new webinar series “Teaching Business for People and […]

two plants growing at different rates

When Does CSR Add Value to Brands?

It’s long been trumpeted that companies acting on corporate social responsibility do better. But does CSR — actually — improve brands? Shawn Pope and Jimi Kim decided to find out.

10-year Impact Award graphic

Understanding the Foundations of Customer Engagement

Since it appeared in the Journal of Service Research a decade ago, the paper “Customer Engagement Behavior: Theoretical Foundations and Research Directions” has ben cited in other academic papers more than 1,300 times.

Ice at the edge of free water

Motivating Your Team Through Being Humble

Research suggests that the ancient wisdom of humility that partially originated from Eastern culture can benefit contemporary countries that cherish diverse heritage.

Graphic network of industry 4.0

Why Jobs-to-Be-Done is Foundational to Digital Marketing

That’s a lot of new complexity to address in marketing—but the best place to start is with a detailed understanding of customers and their needs.

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sensory Marketing cover

The Secrets of the Human Mind (and Marketing)

The author of the book ‘Sensory Marketing’ explains how it fills a gap in the marketing literature in analyzing and discussing how companies could apply multisensory cues for vision, sound, smell, touch, and taste in business practice.

Project management cover

Project Managing a Book on Project Management

perhaps the most challenging aspect of writing this new book on project management, says co-author Stewart Clegg, was translating both the language and style of the root text.


New Edition of ‘Advertising & Promotion’ and the Obliteration of the Mad Men Paradigm

The advertising and promotion world is very different since the first edition of our book, Advertising & Promotion, appeared in […]


Are Big Tech Companies Bad for Innovation?

In digitized global markets, how do local governments regulate competition? Andreas Kornelakis and Pauline Hublart looked at the question in “Digital markets, competition regimes and models of capitalism: A comparative institutional analysis of European and US responses to Google,” recently published in the journal Competition & Change.


Watch the Webinar: Tourism Management under COVID-19

In the posted video of the webinar, “Tourism Management under COVID-19: The Research Priority and Changing Publishing Landscape” two senior […]


Oliver Laasch Debut Guest on Business and Management Webinar Series

A new webinar series sponsored by SAGE Publishing – the parent of Social Science Space and Business and Management INK […]

Balancing rocks

Threading the Needle: Balancing Core Values in Servicescapes

How can service providers serve both customers’ security and their need for autonomy? In a study of the nursing homes, the authors tackle that question.

Ethics word cloud by Teodoraturovic

Why Don’t Multi-National Initiatives Always Work Equally in All Locations?

The enterprise had experienced governance issues in some territories and efforts to roll out a global ethical conduct program proved less effective in certain parts of the world than in others. This could not just be ascribed to local execution or lack thereof, so I became intrigued to understand and explain this.

Citation needed sign

Writing Scholarly Articles That Get Cited More Than the Competition

When readers — even academic readers — do not understand an article, they are unlikely to read it, much less absorb it, share it and be influenced by its ideas.


Love and Justice at the End of Life: Studying Palliative Care in India

The study shows that transformative service systems have to transcend the narrow confines of markets and seamless resource integration to embrace a dialectic of justice and agape that is marked by unintended consequences, conflicts, and compromises.

Montage of trimp and fifth avenue quote cartoons

If You Like President Trump, You Probably Won’t Wear a Mask

We found that not only did approval/liking of President Trump strongly, and positively, predict Americans’ approval of his handling of the pandemic, but it also had significant, negative effects on personal protection behaviors.


Different Strokes on Transgenerational Entrepreneurship

The article “Different Strokes for Different Folks: The Roles of Religion and Tradition for Transgenerational Entrepreneurship in Family Businesses”, recently […]

Southwest jet on tarmac

Connecting Across Differences with Relational Coordination

Nearly 30 years after the establishment of relational coordination theory, the empirical evidence supporting its use has not yet been synthesized, despite frequently being cited in the literature

Gossiping co-workers

Have You Heard the Latest About Workplace Gossip?

The abstract to the paper, “An Integrative Definition and Framework to Study Gossip” appearing in the journal Group & Organization Management states, “The omnipresence of workplace gossip makes understanding gossip processes imperative to understand social life in organizations.”

Stack of books

SAGE Business & Management Books Win TAA Textbook Awards

Management book titles have won one of the coveted TAA Textbook Awards across two categories: the Textbook Excellence Award and the Most Promising New Textbook Award.

Matador toy set

Design Principles for Creating Impactful Entrepreneurship Education for All

“In wide entrepreneurship education,” write Yvette Baggen, Thomas Lans and Judith Gulikers in their essay below, “the messy, uncertain and iterative entrepreneurial process of value creation is key.” If it’s messy and uncertain, a little help on finding good next steps for the educator to take is welcome.

MManagement Theory cover

Chopping Away at the Myths Attached to Management Theory

Today we bring you the story behind A very short, fairly interesting and reasonably cheap book about management theory, a new book by Todd Bridgman and Stephen Cummins


Consumption as Intercultural Communication and Interaction

When was the last time you went out for a Thai meal, got items from the ethnic isle of a […]

Greyston bakery employees

Let’s Incite Subversively Responsible Management Practices!

According to the author of the book ‘Principles of Management,’ we have to mind the management practices that make and potentially break our world even if, and especially if they seem so mundane and ‘normal.’


Creating Social Value in the Context of Institutional Failure

Although reliance on social networks could supplement some of the deficiencies in formal institutions, they are unlikely to entirely supplant the need for contractual governance mechanisms. We thus sought to understand how multi-stakeholder collaborations can create social value in contexts of institutional failure – or “institutional voids” in international business jargon.



Complexity Theory matrix

View From South Africa: Complexity Theory and University Leadership

Cyrill Walters investigated the current styles of leadership in South African higher education institutions and has developed a model of the primary competencies leaders need.


Why We Should Abandon ‘Gender Differences in Competition’ to Explain Women’s and Men’s Unequal Position in Work

Have you ever taken a look at some new research and felt — or perhaps known — that the researchers […]

Drawing of original mechanical Turk

What Does Trustworthy and Credible MTurk Research Look Like? Recommendations and Checklist

The use of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk in management research has increased from 6 papers in 2012 to 133 in 2019. Given that the practice is rapidly increasing but scholarly opinions diverge, the Journal of Management commissioned this review and consideration of best practices.

Ethics drawing

Future Business Leaders, Ethical Values, and National Economic Freedom: A View from Business Students in Eight Countries

Ethics, goes one line of reasoning, are great for those who can afford them. It’s a cynical view, to be sure, but what effect does the economic terrain affect ethical orientation?

stack of open books

How to Write, Evaluate, and Use Methodological Literature Reviews

Does a checklist of best practices for conducting a methods literature review sound useful? We thought so too.

John Macdonald statue toppling captured by bbc

A Call to Decolonize Business Schools

The authors call for business schools to re-evaluate the symbols we are promoting. Who are we elevating? Which ideologies? Specifically, we ask that business schools do the work to not just Indigenize (add to), but decolonize (unlearn).

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Businesses See the Value of Social Sciences, But Does Higher Education Policy?

The social sciences are recognized for their role in evaluating policy and offering practice-based interventions about ‘what works’. However, they […]

Elderly person and caregiver

Innovating Service Design Meant Adding Value at the End of Life

Figuring out how to do service research with a very special population – but one we will all be part of eventually — was a challenge met by the creators of Trajectory Touchpoint Technique.

Hss and STEM scientists hard at work

Social Science, STEM and Career Skills: Not ‘Either/Or’ But ‘Both/And’

As Lina Ashour has recently written, SAGE Publishing has helped make possible a report by the UK’s Campaign for Social […]


Testing-the-Waters Policy With Hypothetical Investment: Evidence From Equity Crowdfunding

While fundraising is time-consuming and entails costs, entrepreneurs might be tempted to “test the water” by simply soliciting investors’ interest before going through the lengthy process. Digitalization of finance has made it possible for small business to run equity crowdfunding campaigns, but also to initiate a TTW process online and quite easily.


Management-by-Generation: Does Your Generation Provide the Answer to How You Should Be Managed?

Establishing management techniques for an age diverse workforce according to their distinct generational characteristics which differentiate their orientations to work is an idea worth examining, argue Cara Reed and Robyn Thomas.

Looking at face in mirror

Instilling a Higher Sense of Purpose in Business Education

For all the talk of social consciousness at academic conferences, personal wealth remains the imprimatur of business success par excellence. How then, we asked ourselves, can business schools expect their students to take ethics and social responsibility truly seriously?

ripples in water

Business and Biodiversity: A View from the Inside

‘Do well by doing good’ is a mantra for management that sounds promising, but is it realistic? In today’s post, Clément Feger, an assistant professor at AgroParisTech and a researcher at Montpellier Recherche en Management at the Université de Montpellier, offers work he did that looks at one company’s efforts to foster sustainability in the environment and the balance sheet, and offers models for others to follow.

world is changing headline

Changing Perspectives, Changing Views: COVID and Agile Organizations

Chris Worley, professor of organizational theory and management at Pepperdine University’s Graziadio Business School, and Claudy Jules, the head Google’s Center of Expertise on Organizational Health and Change, offer context behind their commentary, “COVID-19’s Uncomfortable Revelations About Agile and Sustainable Organizations in a VUCA World,” in the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science.

H1B visa

Integrating Newcomers: Studying the Socialization of Skilled Migrants

Quite often discussions about skilled migrants center on the receiving country’s reaction to the migrants, rather than the experiences of the migrants themselves. In this article from the Journal of Management, Phyllis Tharenou, vice president and executive dean of the College of Business, Government and Law of Flinders University, and Carol T. Kulik, a research professor of human resource management at the University of South Australia Business School, address this absence specifically in the academic management literature.

collaboration defined in dictionary

Collaboration, Coordination and Cooperation Between Organizations

The terms “collaboration,” “coordination” and “cooperation,” write Xavier Castañer and Nuno Oliveira in a recent paper published by the Journal of Management, underpin both the organizations they describe and the study of those organizations, and yet the terms themselves are inconsistently defined and therefore their use can be imprecise or even downright confusing.

Juicero website screen capture

What’s Your Exit Strategy?

Innovation systems that focus solely on exiting and generating investor profits are not designed to help nurture the best innovations for society.

10-year Impact Award graphic

How One Study on Entrepreneurial Orientation Would Impact the Field

An Interview with a 10-Year Impact Award Winner  Amidst a pandemic, when research findings are published at breakneck speeds, our appreciation for previously published research to build […]

Mark Easterby-Smith

Pioneer of Mangement Research Methodology: Mark Easterby-Smith, 1948-2020

Mark Easterby-Smith, a pioneer in the creation of research methodology for management studies and co-author of the foundational text of that field, died on April 15 after a long battle with Parkinson’s disease. He was 72.


Infectious Diseases and Long-Run Innovation Consequences

Today we welcome two scholars from Texas’s Baylor University whose research into how pathogens affect innovation has taken on new prominence in the wake of the current pandemic.


Empty Grocery Shelves! Are Supply Chains Resilient Enough?

Toilet paper shortages, profiteering from hand sanitizer and empty shelves in grocery stores. Thanks to COVID-19, governments in most industrialized […]


A Brief Guide to Eco-Leadership

SAGE author Simon Western has written a guide to eco-leadership, a new leadership paradigm for organizations in the climate emergency. For Academic Book Week, we asked him to present a short guide to its principles.


Unleashing the Opportunity of Research in Latin America

An upward trend in the productivity of Latin American researchers, increased collaboration between them and scholars from other regions, and societal, cultural, and economic characteristics all make Latin America an ideal “natural laboratory” to build and test management theories.


It’s About Time: For Shareholders and Bondholders Alike, Temporal Orientation is What Really Counts

When it comes to supporting long-term value enhancing strategies, the temporal orientation (i.e., whether they are dedicated or transient investors) of both shareholders and bondholders matters much more than the type of security they purchased


Measuring and Modeling the Unobservable

The authors of a recent article in Project Management Journal We believe the implications arising from this recent research have the potential to change the debate regarding the relative merits of the several structural equation modeling methods.


Why Unlearning Matters? How to Unlearn?

The importance of unlearning, or abandoning obsolete beliefs, values, knowledge, and routines, for the growth of both organizations and individuals, is generally well-known in management learning and human resource fields. But it often misses action on the level of the individual.